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Practical advise that works for owners of Small to Medium sized businesses

Client Feedback

I appreciate the straight talking, and make no mistake we will be moving forward with your recommendations. You are a third party, with an objective viewpoint - and not family, an important point!

- Brad (MD - engineering consultancy)

The easiest way for me to do this is to let Colin do all the worrying. He has the expertise to find the best outcome for us all. Very happy and thankful for all you are doing….. I can see you have everything well under control

- Margaret (Owner, sheet metal business)

I would like to thank you for your efforts on (the project). Your attention to detail has always been excellent, your assessment of the various commercial scenarios we have had to deal with and the alternatives you have offered valuable, and your work ethic professional.

- Chris (Project Manager – Engineering business)

Colin, I really enjoyed just talking to someone that understood the issues faced by people "in the chair".

- Shane (GM of a private hotel management group)

I would like to express my thanks to you for your help during the mentoring sessions. This has been an enlightening experience…. The process has also been beneficial in forcing me to think a lot harder outside the box.

- Don (MD of software development business)