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Practical advise that works for owners of Small to Medium sized businesses

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

• You spend too much time “fighting fires” and not enough time managing the business.
• You spend too much time at work, and not enough time with family and friends.
• The “vision” you originally had for the business has become blurred.
• The profits made by the business don’t adequately reflect the effort you put in.
• Your business is going quite well, but what about its future.

It’s not unusual for owners of independent businesses to feel this way.

Business Can Be Challenging

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Being the owner of a small to medium sized business can be very challenging. It can sometimes be a bit lonely.

We Can Make A Difference

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A bit of independent help, guidance or mentoring from an experienced business person can really make a difference. Scorpio Consulting can provide that help.

Initial Business Review

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An initial business review meeting, with no cost or obligation, is available to qualifying businesses. At this meeting, we can identify the issues that need attention and work out where Scorpio Consulting can help you.